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OVERLAND EXPO. Prescott, Arizona April 24-26, 2009


High & Dry
Overland Expo ~ Adventure, Exploration, & Conservation.........................from their web site. Yavapai County Fairgrounds

Overlanding is a different way of exploring our world - whether 100 miles or 10,000 miles from home - in comfort, safety, and style. It's camping like you've never experienced.

Overland Expo.2009 is an all-new and exclusive event for people who see their 4WD or ADV motorcycle as a means to adventure and exploration, and who see travel as a portal to learning about the world, as well as a means to conserving its beauty and preserving its unique cultures.

No other event for 4WD or motorcycles combines intensive education modules, social opportunities to visit with hundreds of other enthusiasts and to share information and experiences, and a wide array of product and service vendors just for overlanding-related activities, both mechanized and human-powered. Service and conservation organizations, land agencies, and clubs/associations will also be on-hand April 24 - 26, 2009.

The Experience
The Overland Experience is a multi-faceted educational weekend. When you register for the Overland Experience package, you can fill your days with an array of course and seminar offerings and your nights with inspirational presentations and social times.

Planned courses include:

Hands-on Field Classes:

Intro to Overland Driving
Advanced Overland Driving
Overland Driving – Women’s Course
Intro to ADV-Motorcycle Riding
Advanced ADV-Motorcycle Riding
ADV-Motorcycle Riding – Women’s Course
Overland First Aid – Basic First Aid certification
Capturing the Adventure – Photographing People, Places & Vehicles
Tire Repair I – Punctures & Tears
Tire Repair II – Removing Tires and Re-seating Beads
Loading and Lashing
Vehicle Recovery - Basics
Vehicle Recovery – Advanced


Get Your Photos Published
Writing Your Way Around the World – Freelance on the road
Vehicle Documentation – Visas, Carnets & Shipping
Creative Journaling for the Overlander
Overland Videography – Capturing your adventure in multimedia
Nutrition and Health
Food Selection & Storage
Overland Chef
Family Overlanding - Tips from the Trenches

Final syllabus choices will be available to registrants in early 2009; this list subject to change. Courses and times will be confirmed as they fill. Courses are 1.5 to 2-hour sections of full courses offered through Overland Training. Limited slots will be available for an additional fee (TBD) for day-pass holders after the Overland Experience Packages are filled (add your name to our mailing list to receive alerts on availability).

Overland Experience packages include three days of the following (April 24, - 26, 2009**):

On-site adventure driving courses for 4WD and motorcycle
Hands-on instruction from Overland Training
A large product and service exposition (Exhibitors)
Lots of opportunities to "try before you buy" - from trailers to roof tents to recovery gear and much more
Feature vehicles (Exhibitors)
Social programs – hosted early riser coffee/tea; at least one hosted Happy Hour; and one night’s banquet dinner
On-site camping – dry camping, water available nearby, BYO toilet (limited portalets nearby; showers and flush toilets main building)*
Kids are free – daycare available (kids may not attend classes except Family Overlanding)
Instructors and guests from the global overland community, including Overland Journal's staff, contributors, and featured vehicles.
Mementos for each registrant
Discount voucher for future Overland Training courses

As of early December, we have confirmed the following instructors and presenters:

Tom Collins - 1987 Camel Trophy participant; Camel Trophy Team Director; and Land Rover training coordinator
Lois Pryce - global motorcycle adventurer and author Lois on the Loose and White Knuckles and Red Tape (LoisontheLoose.com)
Graham Jackson - veteran global overlander and 4WD trainer, director of Overland Training
Scott Brady - publisher, Overland Journal, and founder, Expeditions West and Overland Training
Jonathan Hanson - fellow, Explorers Club, and executive editor, Overland Journal
Overland Journal staff and contributors - Chris Marzonie, Stephanie Brady, Roseann Hanson, and more
Check back frequently for updates as we build the finest list of overlanding instructors anywhere
Between December and the end of February 2009, we are offering Overland Experience Packages for singles or doubles at a special rate - and because we want to encourage family overlanding, kids under 15 will be free.

After February, the price will go up, so don't delay your registration for this sure-to-sell-out event.

The Overland Experience Single Package ($245) is for:

One vehicle
One adult
The Overland Experience Double Package ($455) is for:

One vehicle
Two adults
Kids under 15 are free
Additional adults or kids over 15 per vehicle must register for Overland Experience Single Package
* On-site dry camping is in a group area, near the main building area. Rigs with hook-ups may reserve a site for an extra fee at the on-site Fairground RV Park (special rate for Overland Experience registrants only). See main Registration page to purchase RV park reservations separately. Other campgrounds and public land information is listed below.

**A note about the dates: Please be prepared to arrive Thursday, April 23, if you are setting up camp; Overland Experience begins 8 am on the 24th. We also plan to run the program through Sunday, April 25, including our celebration BBQ banquet, so please plan to depart the 26th or after the festivities on the 25th (around 7 pm).

Since the MOA is starting Regional Events, it maybe to our advantage to work with this first class operation. I had the pleasure of their company this past summer at the Horizons Unlimited Meeting in Silverton, Colorado. I can not stress enough how enthusiastic they are and welcoming to the Adventure / Overland motorcyclist. Those that have the powers to be in the great state of Arizona ought to find a way to network and join our forces with them. This would be a great opportunity for our club and our members. Expect a great time, a great learning experience and of course new friendships. I am on the east coast and would be happy to make an arm length assistance on anyones behalf to make it a reality, I am not affiliated but I can help so PM me if need be.