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The GS Giant - Snake River Ramble!


Intermediate Adventurer

The GS Giants invite everyone to join the rally before the rally! Novice or expert off road riders, or those who prefer pristine pavement...everyone is welcome! All details are on the GS Giant website but here's the gist of it:

THE GS GIANT’s GYPSY TOUR – The Snake River Ramble
July 9-12, 2017
Mountain River Ranch
Ririe, Idaho

We are excited to announce our host location, The Mountain River Ranch! Nestled on the banks of the Snake River near Ririe, Idaho, this may be our most perfect event location ever! Adventure awaits just at the end of the driveway. Eastern Idaho and Western Wyoming offer some of the best adventure riding experiences with Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Caribou-Targhee National Forest, Craters of the Moon, and Jackson Hole all nearby!

Fun for Everyone, on or off road!

You've never attended a GS Giant event? Why not? You don’t think your skills are up to snuff? You’re intimidated by serious rock garden riders? You don’t know anyone? All lousy excuses! This event is not about being the best rider – skill levels range from zero off road experience to hard core adventure riders. Ride within your comfort level and you’ll fit right in. Challenge yourself to become comfortable getting off the beaten path with the help of fellow Giants to offer guidance, advice, or just pick you up, dust you off, and hand you a beer at the end of the day. And while we all have an affinity for dirt, our road warrior friends are also welcome and won't be disappointed with the scenic byways of Eastern Idaho.

Bang For Your Buck

The concept is simple: $125 gets you three nights of primo tent camping in the shadow of the Tetons. (RV sites and cabins are available by contacting the Mountain River Ranch directly.) Start each day with a hearty professionally catered breakfast. Ride out solo or with old and new friends to spend the day exploring all that the area has to offer. Return in the afternoon and relive your adventure with fellow Giants and a few icy microbrews, followed by some good dinner grub. Of course you also get an excellent swag bag filled with coveted giveaways and raffle tickets for some awesome prizes

At the end of this event on Wednesday, take the direct route (approximately three hours) or a scenic route to Salt Lake City, UT where the madness continues with the GS Giants Part Deux at the BMW MOA International Rally. The GS Giants will once again build a custom adventure riding track suitable for all skill levels. The track competition promises to be a show in itself, not to mention all the vendors, seminars, and hospitality that the MOA International Rally and the Giants have become known for.

Want to know more?

There will be plenty of details to be shared in the coming months. For the latest, be sure to visit the GS Giant’s website: http://gsgiants.com Be sure to like THE GS GIANT Facebook page. Registration will open in April. Meanwhile, grab a permanent marker and put this one on your calendar. Just ask anyone who’s been to this event before – it’s EPIC!
Finally, we cannot do this event or any other without the help of our GS Giant volunteers. We have a good core group but need your help to make this a GIANT success. Please contact the event organizers to learn how you can help. Tracy Novacich, Chairperson (tracy@novacich.com) Mark Carrera, Co-Chair, (markcarrera@gmail.com)

ONE MORE THING! If you've attended the GS GIANT event in the past, please post your comments below and tell everyone about your experience!
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Registration will open in a week or two!

Hey All! I'm getting lots of emails, texts, and phone calls about the Snake River Ramble. I think we will see a record crowd for a totally EPIC event!

Registration will open in the next week or two as soon as a few more details are finalized!

Stay tuned for a HUGE announcement here and on social media. And for the most current info, visit our website: gsgiants.com

See you all in Idaho!!!

Guess What?!?! Everyone attending the Snake River Ramble has the opportunity to tour Klim's headquarters and get a sneak peek behind the scenes of this great company and the awesome gear they produce. AND....you'll also get the chance to win your own brand new Carlsbad riding suit!