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New GTL Exclusive Bluetooth issues

road runner

New member
OK I need someone smarter than me (shouldn't be to hard). Have been working on this for 2 days and I am thoroughly stumped.

Have Sena SMH-10 Headsets with latest firmware. Syncs up to wife's helmet - No Problem

Syncs up to Zumo 665 added to BMR Co-pilot shelf - No Problem

Syncs up to I-Phone - No Problem

Syncs up to Valentine One with Dongle - Problem.

Here is how I have synced. I-phone syncs to Zumo then synced Zumo to Sena Headset. All works good.

When I sync the dongle to head set, I loose Zumo connection. If I reset Zumo, I loose Dongle connection.

I was told by Sena that they can svnc with up to 8 devices.

I listen to MP3 or XM (in Zumo) while riding, if phone call comes in, music stops and phone can be used. If Zumo gives me directions, music stops. But I can not get the Valentine One with dongle to interrupt music.

Any and all suggestions are helpful.