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MOAL April 2d Sat Ride-2-Eat, 8April


For all y'all non-MOAL riders, here’s an opportunity to gear-up and ride to lunch Next Saturday at the White House Restaurant below Warrior, AL.

P&K will depart from the usual NAVMC Blue-Plate breakfast @0830 to the Murphy’s Gas Station (good petrol).

We’ll depart south on US-231 from Murphy’s at the WalMart on South Parkway NLT 0850 {intending to arrive ~11}.

Right on AL-36 thru Valhermosa Springs.
Left of Cataco-Florette Rd
Left on AL-67
Rt on Gum Pond Rd
Left on CR-1527
Rt on CR-1682
Rt on AL-91 south over I-65,
Left on CR-8
Left on Arkadelphia Rd
Rt on US-31
Arrive at 9830 Old Highway 31, south of Warrior, AL [not far from the Warrior River].
Depending on random traffic & busy T-intersections, it’s ~86 miles and 1h+50mins from Rocket City.

I could be persuaded to return north on other backroads or on I-65.
The Goat Island Brewery is wide open on balmy Saturday afternoons SE of Cullman.
We sampled some 4oz tasting glasses when we pre-rode my ride last month... :beer

I’m hoping a few Road Warriors will turn out on a ‘decent' April day (50/50 chance of rain as of 31-Mar)…
Ciao, Phil & Karen

Attached is my set of waypoints and my validated route.
View attachment 8April23-R2E.GPX
Just sayin, today, the second Saturday for a routine AlaBeemers’ gathering was a ‘Nasty day’ to go for a Ride-to-Eat in central AL. But that’s what four riders did from HSV - Jim even rode 100 miles north from Pelham to our Vintage Bikers’ Saturday breakfast gathering - then ride 85 miles south along backroads to lunch south of Warrior & north of BHM. Kudos to Jim for his Motorrad enthusiasm on an ugly weather day across Alabama {it’s very difficult to reschedule a “2nd Saturday” ride to eat}!

Four intrepid riders rode my planned route to the White House Restaurant in Warrior - only me & Karen had ever eaten there on our trial run. Food was A-okay; many varied daily selections on a steamed buffet table. I had a hamburger steak w/onions & brown gravy, mashed potatoes and collard greens. K had a big, crispy fried chicken breast with lima beans and black-eyed peas mixed with some green beans, plus corn bread and some Hot decaf coffee! All ten of our associated AlaBeemers enjoyed their selections. We had good food, good conversation, and we look forward to the next MOAL 2nd Saturday R2E on May 13th.

Due to our long-planned European absence, Jim & Vance will visit the Little Bridge Marina & BBQ in Southside, AL, 70 Whorton Bend Rd, Rainbow City {south of Gadsden} [ N33° 56.688' W86° 01.553’ ] (~90 miles NE from BHM).

We had no unexpected visitors at our long-planned April ride, but there’s always next month to contemplate a long distance gastro-ADVenture. The destination is near the bridge over H. Henry Neely Lake below Gadsden on AL-77. See if that suits your agenda and your designated Home of Record. Send an email to president@bmwmoal.org if you’re pondering an LD-ride to AL in May! I’ll pass the word to Vance.

Ciao, Phil & Karen

Early arrivals enjoying Meat Plus Three cafeteria style...

Same group - another POV.

Vance catching a breath........ Jus Sayin