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MOA Getaway - Kerrville, Texas - October 22-24, 2021

Ant infestation in Kerrville

The hotels in Kerrville have a serious ant problem. The hotels have been spraying with only some success. Don't leave any food in the vehicles.

Made the mistake of trying to clean my windscreen and not paying attention. Don't! Ants crawling all over the microcloth. Threw it away. I'll clean the windscreen after we leave tomorrow.

Next mistake was putting the cover on the bike. Again, Don't! Ants all over it and there is no sane way to get rid of them. After finally getting most of them I have not covered the bike the last two nights. Don't want ants crawling on the inside of the bags and in my gear from the cover.

Basically I have ridden out for sightseeing the last couple of days and most of the ants eventually blow off.

Plan accordingly, if you insist on cleaning the windscren, bike, etc. bring one time throwaway rags.
Was in Kerrville for 4 days last week and didn't have any bug/ant problems at the Sunday House Inn. Maybe it's from parking under the trees?

Took the blue bike out to the "backside " of the Texas Hill Country over the weekend. Leakey, Camp Wood, Rocksprings, and Junction. Then South to Utopia, Tarpley and back to Kerrville. What a day! Beautiful day while attending the BMW MOA Getaway in Kerrville Tejas.


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It certainly sounds like a terrific outing! :thumb

We've enjoyed the 3 Sisters and the Bent Rim Grill 2-up on K's GS (my 800GS was needing front brake repairs in SA). In fact, it was the first time we'd ever tried 2-up with her in command. She felt more at ease on those deserted 2-lanes with me offering encouragement from the backseat... :nod

It is a great area to ride through deep in the heart of Texas (which is a bit of a long-haul from the Tenn River valley)!

Be safe & be seen out there in the poonies!

HSV-Karen & HSV-Phil

USN-Ret'd -&- USAF-Ret'd
'09 650GS-twin — '14 K-GT
'82 R100CS ——— '75 R90S
'16 R1200RS —-— ’05 Vespa 200L