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MOA Getaway - Breaks, Virginia -- April 26-28, 2024

We had a fantastic time at the weekend getaway at Breaks. The roads were excellent and the crowd was fun. The resort at Breaks Interstate Park was a really nice venue. Between Fontana Dam and Breaks this is about as good as riding gets in the lower 48. Light traffic and nicely maintained roads. MOA and the team put on a great event.
As one of the co-hosts of the Breaks Getaway, it was great to see almost 130 attendees at this event. Fred Bramblett worked very hard behind the scenes to ensure we had everything we needed and almost $6000 worth of door prizes. At the Friday night get-together, I asked folks to raise their hands if this was their first ever Getaway. I'd say almost 60% raised their hands. When I asked how many people had never been to this area, I'd guess a good 90% of the room raised their hands!
The Breaks Park staff was absolutely wonderful to work with. Backroads of Appalachia provided routes for all experience levels, and the roads around the Breaks are some of the finest in the area.

Please feel free to post any photos, ride reports or suggestions for us to make the Breaks Getaway better next year.

Thanks to all who attended,
Daryl Casey
Co-host, Breaks Park Getaway
Always great to hear a report from an event. :thumb
Attaboys to the event organizers remind them of how important their efforts are.