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Anyone from the area to MOA Rally and GA Mountain rally?


Ride on!!!
Hello, all!
On April, the 25th, 2024 I am planning to ride from Jacksonville FL area to Hiawassee GA for overnight stay in Lake Chatuge Lodge, and the next morning
to the Breaks Interstate Park in Breaks VA. Want to enjoy the second part being rested and during the day, route is wonderful and I want to take it all in... :)
Brakes, VA is where the MOA rally will be on the weekend of April 26-28. The "Grand canyon of the East" is right where the lodging is.
I am planning to stay there passed the rally for about 4-5 days, ride beautiful roads (great routes planned already).

Then on May 2, will come back to Hiawassee, GA for the GA BMW club Mountain rally, that takes place May 2-5.
Nice routes planned too.
After that, heading back South avoiding interstates to the Jacksonville area.

All that said,
if anyone is interested to come along - let me know and I will share all the details, .GPX files, etc,....

My crew and I (from Richmond VA area) will be at the GA Mountain Rally. Also at the Lake Chatuge. See you there. WE have been attending the MOA getaway @ Fontana for.. 2-3 years. Just trying to mix it up this year.