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Black Hills Rendezvous Touring/DUAL SPORT/ADV Bike - "Non-Rally" 20-23 June 2024


'21 R1250 GS Adv
Black Hills Rendezvous Touring/DUAL SPORT/ADV Bike - "Non-Rally" 20-23 June 2024

The Black hills Rendezvous is a loosely structured gathering of riders here to ride various types of motorcycles on various kinds of roads and trails while sharing the experiences and socializing with their brothers and sisters. This will be the third Rendezvous I've organized here in the Black Hills since 2014. We usually have about 60 attendees.

Tour the Black Hills - See Mount Rushmore, Devil's Tower, Iron Mountain Road, Needles Highway, Spearfish Canyon, Vanocker Canyon, Nemo Road and tour the Badlands.

Ride the new Black Hills BDR-X Routes https://ridebdr.com/news/get-on-adv-fest-black-hills-sd-2023/

Ride the Dakota Adventure Loop - The DAKAL https://www.dakotaadventureloop.com/

Steak Dinner on Saturday Night - details TBD


HOTEL INFO: The Black Hills Lodge (Best Western) is right off of I-90 at Spearfish Exit 12, there is a good family restaurant "The Millstone" across the parking lot, and the hotel has a Beer and Wine Bar.



1. The Black Hills Lodge has set 30 total rooms aside for us, arriving on 6/20/2024 (Thursday) and departing on 6/23/2024 (Sunday) Room Rates are as follows:

Room Type--------------------6/20/2024------------6/21/2024------------6/22/2024
2 Queen Beds Upstairs---------$144---------------------$209-------------------$209
2 Queen Beds Downstairs------$154---------------------$219-------------------$219
1 King Bed------------------------$154---------------------$219-----------------$219
*Rates do not include tax.

2. They will hold the rooms until April 30th with the rates above.
After April 30th, we can still book the rooms at these rates; however, the rooms will be subject to availability at the time of their booking.
3. To get these rates one must call and make the reservation at 605-642-7795. You can speak with anyone who answers the phone and reference the group Black Hills Rendezvous to access the room block and the rates above—24-hour cancellation policy - this is "Prime Season" here in the Black Hills.

Dan Hodges | General Manager | dan@bestwesternblackhills.com
Black Hills Lodge
540 E Jackson Blvd | Spearfish, SD 57783
P: (605) 642-7795 | F: (605) 642-7219

CAMPING OPTION: https://www.cityofspearfish.com/185/Campground

I look forward to meeting and sharing with all. PM me for any additional info.