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Mid-South ride, eat, and meet

My lonely toolbox
It’s okay. A lot of youngsters may not know what it is. Sometimes someone will look at my 3 section roll-cab and ask “what is that”? This is frequently followed by, “why is it so big“?
I reply- “which one“?
Great you have access to such a nice, well appointed shop. :bow
I hear Ya; this is my smallest roll around tool box. This shop class hasn’t had a general machine shop class in years. So they’re deficient in a lot of areas including small hand tools.
Pretty close to finishing the hammer. This coming Monday’s class I was thinking about adding a set screw to the plug at the end of the handle and another set screw to hammer head to the handle. We’ll see.


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Drilled and tapped the handle to accept a 8x32 set screw to secure the handle plug to the handle. Would not look good handling the hammer and the plug falls out. The set screw if recessed in the handle and will not interfere with a hand on the handle. Guess I’m done with the hammer project.


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