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Massachusetts is changing on vehicle inspection timing

All about the Money!

Seems a bit confusing but it seems like it will mainly effect those that purposely run past their inspection date feeling they have “really scored”.
I don’t know how this will effect the motorcycle inspection process.



It's all about lost revenue. Some people go months before getting bagged for driving with an expired inspection sticker. Under the old system if someone is 6, 10, or even 12 months late getting their sticker, they get a full year when they finally go. Now if they are 6 months late, they don't get a full year.....they have to pay for the current sticker and then again on the month their last sticker expired. So now not only does the State get the lost revenue, they'll probably get the moving violation fine as well....$$$$

No change for anyone who gets their inspection stickers when they are due.