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Looking for Sena SRL 1 mesh for Shoei Neotec 2 helmets


Looking for the Sena Srl 1 mesh for the Shoei Neotec 2 helmet

Every place I look they are out of stock !
Want the mesh for the better speakers and not the mesh . The only way to get the better speakers is to purchase Sena Srl 1 mesh

Anyone know a place that has them stock ?
Can't help in the SRL 1 but can suggest looking at the Sena Impulse helmet.

I'm still breaking mine in but I can tell you for certain that the Harmon Kardon speakers in it are awesome. It is a mesh system.

May or may not be a solution for you but a lot of folks aren't aware that Sena has a helmet with their system factory installed.
I checked Cycle Gear and while the SRL and SRL2 aren't available for order, a number of my local Cycle Gear stores have it in stock and available for pick-up. If you can't find it locally, PM me and I don't mind picking one up on your behalf.
I bought the non-mesh version. I figured I'd pass on the $100 step up from the regular one. I don't need the mesh part because the only person I'll ever talk to via helmet comm is my wife. The Harmon Kardon sound seems nice, but I could justify $100 for better sound or a quieter microphone.

So I went with the regular SRL and am happy with it.

If someone has a Neotech 1 and is looking for the Sena integrated system, hit me up. It's just sitting on my bench right now and maybe we can arrange a deal.
Please remember to keep any swapping or trading to the PM system. There is no cleanup here on the forum and some might be looking at things a couple of years from now and not realize it. :)

The Mod Team.
I bought mine from Hermy's BMW Triumph in Port Clinton PA. Call and ask for Lee in accessories.