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Left side compartment latch 2012 1600k GT


New member
I am a BMW newbie, it seems the left side compartment does not close. The metal latch will not click and hold down the lid.
I took it apart and the two springs that hold it together have come off the metal latches. I hope this is clear enough.
Does anyone know how the two springs connect to the two metal pieces on the inside? Maybe there is a pic somewhere. I really
do not want to have to buy a whole new assembly if I don`t have to.

IF you cannot find pictures, you can probably open up the right side (carefully) to see how all the parts connect. I have pictures for my ' 06 panniers, but not the newer style. If there is dirt and grit in there, this is a good time to clean and re-lube.

If your mechanism is similar, the attachment to this post about the older style might help: https://www.bmwlt.com/threads/pannier-handle-will-not-latch-down.165017/post-1707889

I have no idea if your mechanism is the same.