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Ho do I get a picture in 'Picture-of-the-week'

I have a really cool picture which I think suits perfectly. I've tried to send it to the address indicated twice now with no reply.
I'm sure they never got the pic because the posted one always lasts longer than a week.

Tips appreciated.

Desperately trying to be famous.
If I recall correctly, I received no reply when I submitted a photo for "Photo of the Week". I figured that they had more than enough and mine did not qualify. I could be wrong but I think that several weeks passed and then I might have received a message saying that mine had been selected to be displayed soon. It was quite some time before submitting and it being shown on the home page. Just hang in there and I'm certain that your cool pic will appear.
We get many submissions for photo of the week. I should and will set up an auto responder to say that a submission was received. Due to the number of photos submitted, not every image submitted will be picked.