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Dave Moss - in the hospital for the second time in a few weeks with Sepsis!


'21 R1250 GS Adv
I know some of us/you have utilized Dave's services, watched his YouTube videos, or looked for advice online on his website. He is in a bad way and in the hospital for the second time in a few weeks with Sepsis!

From Dave's FB page this morning ( https://www.facebook.com/davemosstuning ) :
Apologies for the silence as I am being really attentive to medical guidance and resting as much as possible as per instructions.
My labs show that reference points are trending towards the normal numbers. The most profound is white cell count is down 60% so that is a good indicator that we are starting to get on top of this.
The next and biggest hurdle is finding an oral version of an IV antibiotic that works so today we start testing with new IV’s, one every 24 to 36 hours. We have to find the right one or I will be back for a third visit. No one here wants that of course.
Blood work will identify if categories are stable. Focus will be on white cell count, C Reactive Proteins and a few other key markers. If they decline/worsen to show a negative movement, then we test again. I am not leaving until we figure this out and send me home with no uncertainty or risk.
While resting, I have tried to do small bursts of email work to help others as best I can, so that you for your patience. I really appreciate it while I get my body into full recovery status.
For those that have donated to my gofundme recovery fund, I cannot thank you enough. I am a very proud person and always see my problems as mine. I learned a while back that refusing help even for the right reasons in my mind, is not how the “No thank you“ is received.
I am very humbled to see so many people from all over the world supporting my recovery and all the stresses that brings from hospitalization and not working. Your generosity is astounding and allows me to recover rather than rush back to work just to pay as many bills as I can.
I do not know how to repay everyone for their gift and I know everyone will not want anything. I am thinking of a series of free live shows at various times to cover both hemispheres as a thank you, so once I am well enough to work again I will look at figuring out a world clock and approximate times. Once that is finalized I will give seven days notice so you can all mark the day and time that works for you no matter where you are on the globe.
Thank you all so much! Much love and gratitude to you.


I know you to be a generous bunch and am certain that some of you will join me in giving Dave a helping hand. https://gofund.me/8a038509