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Has anyone done a video on an R18 valve check/adjustment yet?

R1800 Valve check

So the adjustments are like the old Oil-heads with 4 feeler gauges and the same tools.. That brings back some memories..:nod

It is just like the oilheads except for the specs. Use .252 metric feeler gauge on all four valves. I thought this was strange but a dealer confirmed this spec and is used it. The bike starts very easily and makes no strange noises so I guess I'm good. So all you need is two gauges. I cleaned the gaskets and head to get all the oil off and reused them again.
I don't have a video of it, but I adjusted the valves on mine and it was really simple. Need four feeler gauges, an Allen key to move the adjuster, and a wrench to open the adjustment nut. Torque wrench in inch lbs to lock them back again. Was really impressed by the build quality of the bike.

FYI, I used the R18 stand from Hornig to get the wheel off the ground to find TDC. I plan on keeping the bike for a long time so it will pencil out after a couple of services.

With how high you rev the bike generally (2-3K), I'm thinking this tank will go 200K no problem. We'll see!

200K miles? Wowzerz. I’ve done 6K in a year and that’s about as much as I want to ride it. 2 big trips a year and a few weekend rides. Mine is actually for sale as I still just can’t pick the R18 over the GS.