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Fuel strip poll

Have you had at least ONE fuel strip fail?

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A bozo on the bus
This is a simple poll to try to gather some info on what the failure rate of fuel-strips for various year bikes was.

Since this will include some years where BMW used both strips and a float assembly, I'll try to take that into account. If you've had multiple fuel strips - please note that in a comment.

* I'm making this an open poll, so usernames will be visible (if you care) for the poll results.

* I'm also allowing more than one selection since some members may have more than one bike in the years covered.

Right at the beginning - I'll sticky it so it stays up top. Once it has served it's purpose it will be un-stickied.

UPDATE: I accidently forgot that the 2012 R1200R still was delivered with a fuel strip. If you have had a failure - please log it under the 2011 model, and make a note in a posting. I'd edit the poll, but I think that clears it of all results..

UPDATE #2: This seems to have not been clear enough, so in case anyone actually reads this before voting:


  • Example: If you have a 2007 R1200xyz and a 2008 R1200xyz - and both had failed fuel strips - you should check both off.
  • Example: If your 2007 R1200xyz had more than one failed fuel strip - you could check off the option for multiple failures. That selection should only be clicked on IF you had multiple failures on ONE bike.
  • Example: If you also own say a 2009 R1200xyz and haven't had a fuel strip fail - you can check that off also (and please note this, with year/model in a comment/posting after voting.)
The intention of the poll is to get an idea of the yearly distribution of failures. It is not intended to be scientifically valid, since that's impossible with the simple polling mechanism Vbulletin allows. I also do not have the numbers of bikes sold each year with fuel strips - so that is also a consideration. Some models were not produced in some years, which will additionally skew the results.

Thanks for voting, the results are interesting (but not scientifically conclusive by any means) so far.
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I voted no, but I suspect that is really "not yet" Over the last year I've seen a couple of funky results and have been expecting it to go. Hopefully it will go before the factory warranty runs out.

2009 BMW R1200GS Adventure.
8 strips failed

08 R1200R 6 strips in 12 months
08 1200GS 2 strips failed in 4 months 1st lasted 24000 miles

Thanks Don for doing this

Were is the "comment" section where I can post the year? I voted already, can I go back and edit it for the comment?

add it in your reply here...you can edit your post using the button on bottom right

My 09 GSA is on # 3 ,first was around 26K now at 70K. '05 RT had no issues at 58K
My R12S doesn't have one!
Were is the "comment" section where I can post the year? I voted already, can I go back and edit it for the comment?
No, but you can go back and comment in your request to locate the comment section but editing your comments on where to comment.

Or not.:brad
Add 2012 R1200R too

My 2012 R12R failed at 700 miles. It fixed it self a bit later and now works part of the time. It will be replaced at the 6K service.
2009 r12rt - #4

My first lasted about 2 years, 2 very quickly after the replacement, now on #4 which won't read past 3/4 even when full.