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First Service Rev limit restriction?


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At the first service for the new R1300 GS the 5000rpm rev limit restriction is removed by the dealer.
Can this restriction be removed by the owner using a Hex GS-911?
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Sneaky bastards! No not only no service DVD, now they are locking you into a 600 with a nag that needs removed? It is not looking good for BMW NA IMHO.
If this is so, I would suggest people vote with their wallets on this series of BMW motorcycles.

It is sad to see BMW NA holding new bike owners hostage!
Wasn't someone talking about the first service being included in the purchase price?

The S1000RR has a restriction which needs to be removed at the first service.
Have never had an R bike, but have removed the rev limit restriction on both of my S bikes with a GS911. No idea when my R1300GS will show up so I suspect someone overseas will beat me to finding out and post it somewhere.
Have never had an R bike, but have removed the rev limit restriction on both of my S bikes with a GS911.
The S bikes are the only ones I've heard of having the rev restriction. Hard to say if the R1300 will be the same way.
Good to hear a GS911 will unlock it.
I googled it to see if there was any posts from riders in Europe who already have the R1300GS and found a video of a guy breaking in his new R1300GS.
In the video I can see the redline is in the normal position after the bike warms up.
I've never had a GS, but I thought that on older R1200 and R1250 GS models that the "Dynamic Pro" riding mode wouldn't be available until after that service. Perhaps that's the confusion here?