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F650gs steering bearing replacement - tool 83300402029 socket wrench


New member
Good day,

I recently had my 06 F650gs Dakar in for fork seal replacement (they began leaking on a cross-country trip of course...) and received the recommendation of steering bearing replacement from the Denver BMW dealer. I was a bit surprised since I am a conservative rider and the cycle has seen minimal off-road use over the years. It has 24,600 miles currently.

Reading up, it seem this model was know to have insufficient grease applied to the steering bearings at assembly. Perhaps this is true. Regardless, the report stated that the steering was, "knotchy". I have not noticed this but inspecting/replacing the bearings would be a good winter job since I have never done this and will learn a bit more about my cycle.

It appears that a special tool is recommended for the job: socket wrench tool # 88300402029. I would like to ask if anyone has one of these for sale, rent or loan in the Chattanooga area. I can buy the tool but I will probably use it only the one time and it runs $100.

Also any advice from F650 owners who have tackled this job would be welcome.

Thank you.

Be well, ride safely.

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Well known problem for that style of bike unfortunately, the heat from the oil tank doesn't help either. It seems that adjusting the preload after the first couple hundred miles and at least a couple times after that, may increase the bearing lifespan.

If you don't find the appropriate tool, some auto parts stores have adjustable pin wrenches that may work that you can buy/rent. You can also use an adjustable jaw pliers carefully. I'd also email you local BMW club if you haven't yet, someone may have one too.

Heating and freezing the bearings/races will make your life much easier!

I'm sure you've found these two resources:


Good day,

Thank you for the advice and for the video link. the F650 chain gang site has some useful guidance as well.

I will contact the local riders group to enquire about the socket tool as you suggested.

Thanks again

Be well, ride safely.