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2005 F650GS -- Odd Fuel Leak

Last May I bought a very well used 2005 F650GS -- did a fly and ride from Missouri to New Jersey (via Minnesota and Ontario). Changed the oil and replaced a bent foot peg along the way -- the bike did great on the trip. I've since put several thousand miles on it (also had to replace massively leaking front fork seals and a steering head bearing that had a canyon-sized notch in it, along with a few other things).

This past weekend, my wife and I were heading out for a ride and it had been a week or so since I'd ridden the 650. It started up fine, as always, and just as I was ready to pull out of the driveway, I noticed a strong smell of gas. Looked down on the left side and saw what seemed to be gasoline sploosh out. I quickly shut the bike down and parked it. Once I determined that it wasn't leaking further, I grabbed a different bike and we took off.

So...a day later, I pulled off the seat thinking that gas could have come from that ginormous screw-on cap over the gas tank. It was perfectly dry and clean -- no evidence that it had ever leaked. Nor was there any evidence of any leaks around the metal fuel lines.

I took it for a 30-mile ride today and everything was normal. Idle was rock steady, no gas smell, and there were no leaks.

On my last ride, I filled up the bike but rode 25 miles before getting home, so the tank could not have been over-full by that point (I would assume).

Does that sound at all familiar to any fuel-injected F650 experts out there? I can't see anywhere that fuel could have splooshed out from, but would definitely feel better having some kind of idea. That pipe on the left side can get pretty warm so it's a little scary to think of gasoline landing on it...

I would greatly appreciate any input!

TL;DR -- gas splooshed out on the left side of my F650GS just after startup. There are no signs of leaks and it didn't happen on a subsequent run.
Are there any 650GS thumper people out there with an idea as to why the bike would splash out gas on the left side, with no apparent leaks? I would seriously appreciate any thoughts!

Thanks --

Wild guess - I'd probably take a look at the fuel pressure regulator and breather valve areas (MaxBMW Parts Fiche Diagram #16_0471). The breather valve has some smaller lines and clips... wonder if the gas expanded into that area where there could be a crack or loose line (through the charcoal canister) and didn't have time to make its way back to the tank on your 25 mile ride?