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F650GS rear shock removal


New member
I have an 2012 F650GS and am attempting to replace the rear shock. When I try to remove the seat bridge to access the top bolt but can not get it to come off. I removed the two side bolts and 4 nuts on top of bridge per the manual yet it seems to be hung up on something. Anyone have any suggestions?
Thanks, I had missed a couple of zip ties. Another quick question, should the lower shock mount bolt be replaced? The Haynes manual says to apply loctite, but also read to replace the bolt? Thoughts?
Lower Shock Bolt

I see no reason to replace the bolt, unless it’s bent, and it would take some serious punishment to do that.
The F bikes have a history of bending the upper shock bolt and there is an aftermarket reinforcement available. It takes some serious off roading to cause a bend. I would check both for straightness and use them again if they checkout.