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F-Twins Tech - F650/700/800 - Air Filter Replacement


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Changing the Engine Air Filter on your on your BMW F650, F700, or F800 Twin-Cylinder Motorcycle

Note 1: The specific bike shown is a 2013 F800GS, but the filter change should be applicable to all twin-cylinder F650, F700, and F800 bikes and models. How you get to the filter will be different on other styles of F-Twins (ST, GT)
Note 2: The tools and materials used are by personal choice and are not due to any affiliation with any brand

Materials Required:
- Air Filter - BMW Part Number: 13 71 7 678 281

Tools Required:
- T25 star (torx) bit
- T27 star bit
- ratchet extension
- Ratchet(s) that fits both of the above
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The filter on the F-Twins is located underneath the faux gas tank "hump". To access this area on the GS, we need to remove six screws.

With your T25 wrench remove the four screws on the top of the plastic (indicated by the red arrows)
Note - your bike may be cleaner than this example

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Next we will need to remove the two screws near the ignition, one on each side. Again your T25 is the correct size for these bolts

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If you have the accessory electrical plug by the ignition, this connector will have to be unplugged. Gently press on the tab by the wires at the end of the connectors and separate the connection. Set the top plastic aside someplace safe.

The air filter is located underneath the black plastic housing, "south" of the battery. Take a moment to clean the area of any dust and road debris, as we don't want anything to fall into the air box.

First, gently remove the wire that is attached (indicated by the blue arrow) to the air filter housing. We do not need to remove the actual connector, just the wire from the plastic clip. Next, remove the T27 screws (as indicated by the red arrows).

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After these bolts are loose, we can gently lift the air filter cover out of the way to reveal the air filter (orange in this case)



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Take a moment to make sure that no debris has fallen into the airbox. If it has, use a clean shop rag or paper towel to carefully clean it up. Do not use a vacuum, as the air box could potentially have gas fumes in it.

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The steps to install the new filter are reverse of disassembly:

- Install the new filter (I like to use a permanent marker to write the date and mileage of the filter change on the actual filter)
- Install the black, plastic filter cover and gently tighten down the T27 screws to just snug (these threads are going into plastic, so they can easily be stripped)
- Gently place the wiring back into the wire holder
- Grab the top plastic and plug in the accessory connector
- Using your T25, screw in each of the six screws: four on top, and two on each side of the ignition (again screw to just snug)
- Note the date and mileage of the filter change in your owners manual
- Ride off into the sunset
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