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Dakar 2023!

Not quite what it was when it was Paris-Dakar but those involved are trying to keep it going.

This years route-


Looks like TV viewing will be as in the past-

NBC Sports
NBC Sports will present daily coverage of the 2023 Dakar Rally on Peacock starting Jan. 1 at 6:30 p.m. ET. The endurance race classic will be contested over 14 stages through Sunday, Jan. 15, and highlights, interviews and features will be available on Peacock and NBC Sports digital platforms.1 day ago

If you are an Itchy Boots fan like I am, you have been introduced to this young man when Itchy was training for the Baja Rally.

Sheer excitement to follow his race now!


Mason on his 2nd Dakar has already won a stage and did very well leading out the next day. Talented kid for sure. Here's hoping he doesn't stuff it before the end. Off to the F5irehose to catch up.
There was an interesting little interview with Toby discussing the crashes and his opinion was the new bonus rule was pushing riders harder to lead out up to the first fuel stop to gain bonus time. tough year already losing Sam and Robby. I haven't looked at stage 5 yet, catch up is next.

Mason is getting more comfortable on camera, gives a nice image of himself.
Mason was a very gracious host to Itchy Boots who was getting ready to rally in Mexico. That young man has a very bright future ahead for sure!!:thumb
Sad news for BAS WORLD KTM RACING TEAM] 's Mason Klein.
Heal up soon Mason and well done. SADG #extendedfamily

#Repost Mason]: Mason 23 Dakar Unfortunately the injuries I sustained in Stage 9 are preventing me from continuing. I’m proud of my performance and my Stage win. I’m unhappy I am not able to finish. I appreciate everyone’s support and messages. I will catch up with everyone when I get home. I’m looking forward to getting healthy again and continuing with the W2RC series. Special thanks to my sponsors, KTM, BAS Trucks KTM Racing Team, my parents and friends. I appreciate your support. Subscribe on YouTube (Rally With Mason) Please support the people that support me.
Sad for Mason to have to pull out. My guess that was his first big setoff with the resulting injuries.Good learning experience provided he heals 100%. He's set to go far.

Sad for Walkner to crash out today, poor bastard was backboarded for 8 hours!

I got up at 01:15 to be live for today's final stage.

Watching a little of the YouTube coverage, one racer sung the praises of the air-bag jacket that saved him from serious injury in a crash, the narrator claiming mandatory for all riders. Good to see athletes protected by the latest safety technology.