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cleaning & greasing my final drive splines


New member
I could not get the last wads & smeers of whatever grease was in the spline section of my rear wheel,
using any combo of brush , paint or scrubber , gun or toilet, that I had in the rather large drawer of scrubbing implements.
The Qtips just kept coming out stained, and those couldnt get in the corners anyway.

I want clean.

And that was using multiple doses of the best de-greaser I know of, POR15 Cleaner Degreaser.
That stuff will take finger prints off anything . ... ... ... even off your fingers .....

so, I cut a modest bunch of bristles off a hohumm dust broom, used a heat-shrink tube to bundle them up into a brush ,
and made a tool with perfect size & stiffness & flexibility & reach to finally scrub tight inside all the crans & nookies & crevices in the hub.

I got clean.

I am going to use a krytox-like grease in there, this one called Tribolube, off the'bay
It a teflon-bodied base with moly additives, more affordable than actual kyrtox.
Mine is 2 OZ, and according to euromoto, I understand ~15gms is about the right quantity re-fill the splines

This particular Tribolube is an mil/aviation surplus , some years old ,
but one key feature of this family of lubes is their durability in the field & particularly long shelf life,
and the paste in my tube "looks" just fine.

if a good-lookin gal comes storming through here ,
asking how our new broom got a reverse mohawk,
just play dumb, ok ?
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