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Chicago Motorcycle Rental?



Flying to Chicago on business trip next week, may have some free time, would like to rent a motorcycle to ride the area for a few hours.

Anyone know of a rental outfit there? I mean besides Eagle Riders who are closed for the winter there.
Rentals in Chicago - Weather in Chicago

http://www.chimotorental.com/Chicago-Motorcycle-Rental/Homepage - Rentals


http://www.chicagobreakingnews.com/2008/12/early-pothole-crop-forces-city-to-adjust.html Road conditions

Forecast - melting snow and ice creating violently broken pavement with yawning potholes, some approaching crater diameter and depth. Be wary of accumulated gravel and road debris - 2-4" near the lake on corners and intersections.... possible sometimes filling the 18" deep potholes.