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Centech Fuse Panel Install on a KGT 1300


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This DIY will show you how I mounted my Centech on my KGT1300.

****This Pictorial does not intend to supercede or replace the instructions provided by the vendor****

The Centech that I used includes a control relay which needs a trigger wire to activate.

The trigger wire that I used was from the auxiliary side lights contained in the front head light assembly.

What this form of trigger provides is instant off, instant on once the key is turned in the ignition - there is no delay in shut off.
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Preparatory Work

You need to access the battery, the left side (clutch), and the auxilliary light wiring.

The best way for maximum access is to remove all the plastic shown here

To access the auxiliary plug you need to remove one piece but it is layered in so you will need to remove the front nacelle shown here
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Routing Wiring

The picture shown below highlights the Orange wire, which from the kit is the trigger wire for the relay.

I routed this wire onto an exisiting harness and brought it the point of where the socket of the auxiliary connector reach. Remove the auxilliary bulb to prevent damage to it.

The highlighted green area is where I mounted the Relay of the Centech and routed the wiring under the ABS unit and up along the frame then wire wrapped it for neatness
  • Tools used are a T30 torx and a 10mm wrench

At the top left of the corner you can see the blue wire of the connector prepared to have the trigger wire soldered onto it.


  • Relay Mounting.jpg
    Relay Mounting.jpg
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Prepping the Trigger

First locate the connector and pull out the male end off of it (located in the left rear of the front nacelle)


  • Connector for trigger.jpg
    Connector for trigger.jpg
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Remove the friction tape wrapping off of the wire harness and expose the Blu/Wht wire.

Remove a section of insulation and wrap into it the trigger wire as shown.

Once mounted, solder in place.


  • Wire Prep.jpg
    Wire Prep.jpg
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Completing the Trigger

Wrap up the exposed wire with friction tape


  • wire wrap.jpg
    wire wrap.jpg
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Once the harness is properly repaired/reconstructed install back into socket.


  • Trigger install complete.jpg
    Trigger install complete.jpg
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Shop tip - I noticed how the harness fell when i reinstalled it so as added protection I added some wire harness wrapping to it.

Probably not needed - totally optional


  • Wire protection.jpg
    Wire protection.jpg
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Mounting the Centech

For ease of access I decided to mount the Centech on top of the battery.

You can mount the Centech where ever you want - my method is just another option.

The supplied kit has ample excess wiring to basically mount anywhere on the bike.

I used a piece of industrial velcro and attached the bottom of the centech to it.

I used a piece of scrap sheet metal to create the attachment point.


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