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BMW Mottorad of Central Florida - NEW Group


New member
I am not in charge of this group. BMW of Sanford Florida and others have got this group off the ground and sent me an email. Admin if this isnt allowed please take down. I just wanted to post this so others are aware.

For all Florida --

It’s official! It’s here! Let’s grow this club and grow the BMW family! Our 1st ride is this Sat, Oct 14th. Meet at 12noon @ BMW Motorcycles of Sanford. We ride to Boot Hill Saloon in Daytona for some grub, drinks & some Motorrad brotherhood!

Is this some strange, new age social media endeavor?

Such as a "Riding Buddy Group" using Facebook communications, that portrays itself as aligned with a Motorrad Dealer...
or is it an accepted & blessed BMWMOA Charter Club?

I can't hardly believe our business model (MOA Insurance) allows a group ride to a saloon for nourishement & brotherhood... but it makes me thirsty!
Congrats on starting a new club. I was a charter member of a new club back in 1988, The Naturally Beemers of Arkansas. Had the opportunity to serve as vice-president and president. Was active for over 30 years and the club was a center of riding for me. Good luck with your new club. :thumb