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2022 r1250gs (with select pkg) abs ?


Folks, I've read the owners manual from cover to cover. I need to be able to turn off the ABS at times. I can't figure out how to. Anyone able to point me in the correct direction?
Perhaps BMW has decided to not allow the ABS to be turned off. Here is the explanation in the manual for the R1250 GS Adventure Model. Seems like ABS Pro has been refined:

Evolution of ABS to ABS Pro

Until now, the BMW Motorrad
ABS helped ensure a very high
degree of safety for braking
with the motorcycle upright
and travelling in a straight line.
Now ABS Pro offers enhanced
safety for braking in corners
as well. ABS Pro prevents the
wheels from locking even under
sharp braking. ABS Pro reduces
abrupt changes in steering
force, particularly in panicbraking
situations, counteracting
the vehicle's otherwise natural
but undesirable tendency
to straighten up.

ABS intervention

Technically speaking, depending
on the riding situation
ABS Pro adapts ABS intervention
to the motorcycle's
bank angle. Signals for rate
of roll and rate of yaw and
lateral acceleration are used to
calculate bank angle.
As the motorcycle is heeled
over more and more as
it banks into a corner, an
increasingly strict limit is
imposed on the brake-pressure
gradient for the start of brake
application. This slows the
build-up of brake pressure to a
corresponding degree. Additionally,
pressure modulation is
more uniform across the range
of ABS intervention.
Advantages for the rider
The advantages of ABS Pro for
the rider are sensitive response
and high braking and directional
stability combined with
best-case deceleration of the
motorcycle, even when cornering.