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2022 GT speaker removal?


New member
I just bought a 2022 GT and want to take out the speakers. Has anyone disassembled the dash on the new TFT version?
Can I have your speakers for my 2014 GT? Jus wonderin?

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There are no visible screws and the speakers are different, nothing like my RT or older K bikes. I think I'll start with the windshield and see what's-what.
There are no visible screws and the speakers are different, nothing like my RT or older K bikes. I think I'll start with the windshield and see what's-what.

3putt, did you figure out how to remove the speakers? I'm going to install mirror mounts for lights on my 2022 K1600GT and I have to remove the speakers to remove the mirrors. Looks like a couple of screws are behind the TFT screen, which raises the question of whether the TFT must be removed along with other stuff. I think as you discovered, instructions pertaining to 2020 and earlier models don't apply to 2021 and 2022 models.
Someone on the K16 board has done it. I think you remove the TFT and then you can see the screws. The poster on K16 was asking if the speaker front snaps in.
I finally figured out how to remove the speaker grill. For whatever reason, BMW uses screws, two spring clips, and a plastic tab to attach and align the grill to the dash. Here's a photo showing the two holes where the springs clips insert and where the plastic tab inserts (lower right). Once you remove the screws you pull the grill straight out. You have to use a bit of effort. Take your time to properly align the grill when installing.

Here's a GREAT video for installing mirror brackets on a '22 GT; e.g. speaker removal is part of procedure.



That guy makes some good videos.

FWIW, for those removing the TFT screen, as you'll note there is a large electrical plug and a small one that you disconnect. The small plug on mine was cracked during assembly by BMW! I noticed the problem after I pulled it out and thanked my lucky stars it hadn't come apart in the socket. I'm not even sure you can buy the individual plug from BMW. Anyway, I managed to glue mine together and so far it's held. Moral of this story...inspect the plug for any hairline cracks.