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2020 F750GS - Mounting a Dry Spec Tool Tube - Twisted Throttle

The used 2020 F750 I got in December came with a lot of after marked items installed but didn't have it's BMW tool Kit. I had been thinking about adding a CruzTools Roadtech B2 BMW Tool kit for my F850GSA and that would free up the kit I assembled for the F750GS. Now where to carry it, the space under the seat is taken by a switching fuse box for the GPS and USB charging plug I had installed, and I don't like to have to un-pack my bags looking for tools. Twisted Throttle

ToolTube1.jpg advertised a tool tube
that looking like it might be perfect for the job. I ordered one and received it in a few days. I test fitted it inside my port bag rack with some zip ties, it fit great but needed mounts that would not fail on a rough road. Screenshot 2022-01-24 160724.jpg

A quick trip to the hardware store came up with exactly what I needed, combined with some stainless steel machine screws and lock-tight nuts I had the tube mounted in a few minutes. My tool roll fit in it nicely, it is water tight and handy if needed.

These canisters have a multitude of uses. I have one on my G310GS that holds tire repair tools and materials. And each of our G310s also have one that holds a 1 liter MSR brand fuel bottle with some spare fuel.