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Thread: Time to revive the 505

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    Time to revive the 505

    Not being a person to avoid minor projects, I acquired this from a friend of mine several years ago. The picture with the frame in it is just what I got, no motor, no transmission, no final drive and a few other items missing and somebody got carried away with a hack saw and cut part off of the side stand bracket. This is a documented original Granada Red '68 R 60US. Being somewhat of a "correct cop" I was immediately challenged with no motor, especially one with serial numbers that match the frame and paperwork, it was long gone. A month or two later that same friend contacted me and told me another friend needed to talk to me about a project. Well the project just happened to be this one and he had the original engine block from this bike and it was in excellent condition. Over the last few years I have been doing a little bit of shopping for stuff and have managed to gather up some much needed items to facilitate the revival of the 505 including a little touch up paint from Holt Design As I wind down the "Party" it is time to let the games begin as I work on this bike, the R 50/2 barn bike as well as a number of other distractions I have in my shop.
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