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Thread: Valve adjustment intervals on (cam head?) 2012 R1200GSA

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    I found one valve out of spec at 36,000 on my 2011 R12GS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kskraye View Post
    I found one valve out of spec at 36,000 on my 2011 R12GS.
    Both valve checks at 12 and 23K found the 2012 1200GS valves within spec. Next valve check 36K. If they aren't out of spec then, I'll forgo further valve checks for the next 24K not 12K.
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    What does the bike handle like if they are out of spec.

    I am riding at 70 and once I speed up to 90 to pass.
    The bike has a lurching feeling that feels like bad gas or spark.

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    If you have valves out of spec you probably will not notice it. If they have too much clearance they will tick, too tight and the valve will eventually burn from the combustion gases and then you will have low compression and low power, but never an intermittent poor running condition.
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    I agree with you pappy35, I love messin with engines and motors when they need it and I've been doing it since the early 70's when I started learning on old cars, 54 Chevy's and on and bikes, 650 Yamaha and Harley's, 900 and 1000,, you do the messin right and it works so much better as my Dad used to say.

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