I wanted a lighter bike and I also love an inline 4. So I am getting a 2019 with the HP colors and lowered suspension. That being said I am looking for some advice on a couple of things.

1. It has been quite a while since I have had a bike with a chain drive. How often do you guys clean the chain (how many miles). I know riding in wet conditions makes you need to clean it sooner.
2. What do you use to clean the chain. Back in 2007 I used kerosene. Is there something else I should be using.
3. What is your lube of preference?

I plan on adding some bags (probably the Givi medium aluminum bags, I am tired of side loading cases where stuff tends to fall out), sw-motech engine guards and foot stand enlarger. I want to ride it a while before I decide i need a different windshield, footpeg lowering kit or seat. I will most likely get a new standard seat from Sargent (had one on my RT) because the combo of lowered suspension and standard seat still had me flat footed but with less knee bend and I am getting the low seat with the bike.

Any feedback is appreciated. I am excited and can't wait for it to get in within a couple of weeks.