I got up early Saturday to beat the heat and logged a couple hundred miles around eastern Iowa. For all those interested, the corn looks mostly good in spite of the relatively dry weather and the cattle are movin' mighty slow due to the string of 90 degree days.

Anyway, I landed at Gina's in the late AM, hydrated and asked if I could test ride a couple bikes. My parts guy, Bill, decided this sounded better than standing behind the counter, so off we went.

I rode the ST first. They have a red and black one w/ ABS. I admit that I like the looks of this bike and had given consideration to this being the next bike purchase. Compared to my RT, it is quick, light and powerful. Accelerates wonderfully and stops great. Shifting improvements are obvious...very snicky. Without the old clunk, I had to check the rider's display to make sure I'd actually changed gears. However, I doubt I would buy one unless some kind of alternate footpeg arrangement arrives. I didn't mind the upper body lean angle, but my feet were tucked too far up under me; my 42-yr-old knees wouldn't last long distances. The adjustable windscreen moves easily, but I couldn't tell an appreciable difference between low and high. The airflow was pretty smooth either way though, clean air on my upper body and head.

Then we switched bikes and I took the blue and white S. OMFG. I like to ride a in spirited fashion occasionally, but nothing too crazy...I'm still trying to figure out when I would use 5th and 6th gears. This bike is crazy powerful. Wide, wide, wide power bands. It likes to go really straight. Turns were a full-body experience. I found it much more comfortable than the ST...I feel like I could ride it all day. Not sure how it would be 2-up. For a few fleeting moments I fantasized about trading in the RT and the R100S and, and, and...

And then I got back on my RT and went home. I love my RT. My pillions love my RT. But the S left a smile on my face the whole day. We'll see you in Lima. On the RT.

BTW, Bill got Gina's first K1200R and really, really likes it.