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Thread: SAENG "quick Scans" 2009 1200RT

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    Thumbs up SAENG "quick Scans" 2009 1200RT

    I recently purchased and mounted the Quick Scans on the stock wind screen and have been amazed at the increased situational awareness that they have given me. I have them mounted close to the top of the screen and are above the BMW mirrors that are on the end of the handlebars. They do not require that I shift my focus downward and give me a total view of blind spot traffic.The mirrors appear to be top quality and were easy to install.

    I made black vinyl inserts to cover the stock bike mirrors as I don't use them any longer and there was too much mirror. I had one problem. I cleaned the screen 4 times with denatured alcohol and lighter fluid and still after several weeks, one of the adhesive mounting pads started to loosen. I therefore, secured the mounting pads with a small machine screw thru the base pads. This did require drilling through the screen, but I am not planning on ever removing the mirrors and I do not want one of the mirrors coming loose at high speeds.

    Also, I purchased additional bases for a second larger (Winter) wind screen. If you should buy these mirrors and have more than one screen, buy the additional bases when you order the mirrors as they are only $18.95 extra.
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    I had a set of these on my old 1100RT and loved them. I mounted them under the mirror pods and, like you, had to use small screws to keep them on. I've also see them mounted on the mirror itself.
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    I saw Texpauls set up...looked good...

    However be careful...the OEM windscreen moveable brackets are not friendly to any additional weight/diff screen on the 12RT's. Several of us had some break at some point and there is a thread somewhere about replacing them...A few aftermarket guys have built a better mousetrap ( bracket). My 05 broke with stock screen in the mid position.

    The more common way to do the higher mirror thing up until the '10 models was a set of K12RS mirrors in the vacant holes on the bar controls.

    Anyways, hope they work for you...if your happy, that's the thing
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