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Thread: U BAG Reccomendations

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    Smile U BAG Reccomendations

    I have decided to change the way I carry camping/touring gear and would appreciate information on U BAGS. specifically waterproof bags. I have a Bushtec trailer but pack too much "junk" when using the trailer, As a solo rider I would like to mount the bag backwards on the pillion of my CLC. The Bushtec tows very well but using a U Bag would would simplify my travel needs. RIDE SAFE
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    I have one of the original

    U Bags that i used when i traveled two up with my wife. I sprayed it with nikwax waterproofing spray before our first trip. I stored each of the items in a nylon storage bag, for extra protection and organization. Nothing got when even when we did! It was Cordura, but now you can buy ones that are vinyl that are even more waterproof (Mag's bags, i believe is the name)
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