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Thread: What modifications have you done?

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    Question What modifications have you done?

    I assume that most of you guys/gals that purchase a new BMW motorcycle are so happy with it that you never have to make any modifications to it at all. You just hop on and ride off into the sunset like happy campers. I mean what could you modify on such an excellent brand of motorcycle? Well, I guess some of you could splash on some chrome if you have one of those R1200 jobs. But what else could you possibly spend money on?

    When I first bought my R1150GS I didnt think I would need to buy anything else except a little premium unleaded gas and items for maintenance. This was my first BMW and also my first bike Ive had in quite awhile (thats my excuse, and Im sticking to it).

    So as I was driving my new bike home from the dealer, I immediately noticed that 1st gear was a bit too tall. Then after a few highway miles, I noticed my head was constantly bobbing around. My butt didnt start getting sore till I was almost home. As I was crawling off my new pride and joy, I also noticed that there was a distinct pain in my shoulders and a very tense place in the lower part of my neck. But I was a very happy camper. Then I went across the street to show off my new bike to my Harley friends and they said the bike was too quiet! Duh! Well, thats coming from Harley people.

    Well, a few thousand dollars later, I now have a new lower final drive, a pope-mo-bile windscreen, heated corbin seats, ricky pro-taper handle bars, pia driving lights, two brothers exhaust system and probably a couple things I cant even remember. But, Im a very happy camper with my bike. Well, o.k., I might get a set of ohlin shocks next year.

    So finally, my question. What different modifications have you guys/gals done to your bikes? And Im interested in all models here, not just a GS. I might buy a different model sometime in the very far future and I just want to see what I might be looking forward to. If you got a GS, then maybe theres something Ive forgot!

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    I'm the third owner of mine. It came with:
    Ohlins shock
    Corbin Seat
    Tall parabellum

    I've added:
    Running lights F/R
    Enhanced brake light (Kisan flashing light)
    Front fender extender
    Progressive front springs
    Replaced tall parabellum for short
    Replaced handlebars to late K100 style with weights and heat
    Sta-in-tune muffler (used)

    Wow, I have definitely spent too much money on this thing.
    '88 K100RS ABS

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    '99 R11S:

    Ohlins Front & Rear
    Sport Rear Wheel
    Carbon Fiber Lower
    Tinted Sport shield
    BMW tank bag
    System Cases
    Corbin seat
    Comfort bars
    Suburban Machinery footpeg lowering kit
    Added a centerstand
    Clear rear turn signals

    Before the tinted shield
    Dave Swider
    Marin County, CA

    Some bikes. Some with motors, some without.

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    Thumbs up custoMYze

    88 k75s


    Fender Extension
    Moto Lights
    Progressive fork springs
    Stainless Steel Brake Lines
    4-Way Flashers
    Speed Bleeders
    Parabellum (spring & fall)
    k1200RS Mirrors
    K&N Filter Charger
    Corbin Rubmbel Seat
    Fox Twin Clicker Shock
    Runnin' lites
    Fresh Paint
    Timing Advance
    BMW Luggage
    Marsee Mr. High Pockets
    Shamu MagBag

    "fits like a glove"
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    I have an '03 1150GS. To date I have the system bags, tank bag, cylinder protection tubes, PIAA 520's (due to the totally inadequate stock lights), 100 watt high bulb to replace factory 55W. Corbin heated seats with rear back rest.

    I am next going to add an aftermarket windscreen.

    Oh, and I also had the local Sign Pro add "Ole Yeller" to the tank, and I go in tomorrow to add "Block Heads Rule!" to each system bag.

    I know the lettering may not be traditional BMW, but it's my bike and I'll red neck it out if I want too. And that's exactly what I told my wife.

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    '76 R90S Modifications

    Here's a link to my photo album on Ofoto, showing the
    '76 R90S I have been building:

    You'll need to register, but it's free.

    This bike is a kind of "test mule", for practice in
    the riding position anticipated on the Special that
    Dick Casey is building from an '81 R80 G/S.

    I did about everything I could to this bike without
    changing the basic arrangement of frame, forks, and
    motor. It's not a restoration; in fact it's guaranteed
    to upset the purists.

    First is the /7 frame. It's stiffer, and I like that.
    It carries aluminum side braces, a rear frame cross
    brace, big tube swingarm, Raask rearset controls
    installed in the passenger peg holes, 10mm subframe
    mounting screws, and Works aluminum shocks. The front
    end features Craig Vechorik's stainless fork brace,
    Braking floating discs, Progressive springs, 10 weight
    Spectro fork oil, deep aluminum top clamp, and braided
    stainless hydraulic lines.
    The cockpit is much changed: I took off the R90S
    fairing and handlebars. New bars are Pro-Tek clip-ons,
    which are pretty comfortable. I made a new instrument
    mounting bracket to tuck the cluster in tight to the
    top clamp, and made some headlight mounting plates to
    lower the headlight. There is a vintage flyscreen
    above the headlight and Hella bar-end signals in the
    bars. Bumm mirrors do the rear-view duty, mounted in
    the stock position.
    When I bought the bike I took it to Hansen's BMW in
    Medford. They rebuilt the motor (at 105,000 miles)
    with these changes: 336 cam; offset cam key; flowed &
    ported, big valve heads w/ ti valve retainers; Dyna
    dual-plug ignition; Malossi intake velocity stacks;
    and Hoske mufflers with the baffle knocked out.
    Crankcase breathing is handled by a K&N breather. I
    put in a oil cooler, meaning that I had to change out
    the filter housing, with Oak's help, in order to fit
    the thermostat.
    Power delivery goes through a lightened flywheel,
    stock clutch with a spacer behind the spring, and a
    new transmission from the BMW catalog. This bike
    shifts VERY well even with the extra-long linkage.
    The wheels are pretty special: Buchanan's made them
    for me with deep-section rims. The front is a 18"-2.15
    with a Dunlop GT-501F. The rear is an 18"-3.0 rim,
    laced offset so I can fit a 130-80 Dunlop GT501.
    I cut down the front fender somewhat. The seat is an
    aftermarket item that I worked over. The saddle was
    upholstered by NBI, who did a great job. I made the
    LED tail light to fit a lens I bought on ebay. Paint
    is '78 R100RS gold in honor of my brother Nels'
    fantastic crowd-pleasing bike.
    Jettisoned the centerstand, side covers, steering
    damper, rear turn signals, clock, and ammeter.

    Ooooohhh, it runs nice. And sounds fabulous! There's
    no lack of bottom end, and above 5K rpm it takes off,
    fast enough to ALMOST keep up with my brother's Suzuki
    Bandit 1200S.

    At least he doesn't disappear on the horizon.

    That's the story. Hope you enjoy the photos.


    Jon-Lars Sorenson
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    Re: '76 R90S Modifications

    Originally posted by R90S
    Here's a link to my photo album on Ofoto, showing the
    '76 R90S I have been building:
    That is really a great project you have done! Very very impressed! Just a beautiful bike!


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    I've put 17K on the bike (1150gs) in one year, including one trip across the continent.

    Only mods: light upgrades (not optional on a gs, you gotta do it),
    throttle lock, sheepskin seat rag.

    That's it. Works for me.

    Next bike, next year: K1200GT

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    I just bought my '96 R850R in April (4.5k on it already with the wet spring we have had) it came with motolights and bmw windshield, and givi bags. I have added nelson rigg's cruiser tankbag, and new headlight, bright blue/bright white. I also purchased a chatterbox intercom and an mp3 player for tunes, which I decided I didnt need on the bike. I would like to try the national cycle touring windshield, and some sheepskin seat covers.
    Gale Smith
    2009 Versys
    1999 R1100RT

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    25 goes:

    Started with a 93 K1100RS

    1.Works nitro shock
    2.Remus stainless/Aluminum exhaust
    3.Corbin Gunfighter Seat
    4.92 Lowers
    5.91 Chin Fairing
    6.All polished stainless hardware
    7.RC51 Honda mirrors in place of the stockers which are useless...had the unused holes plugged prior to new paint to match
    8. Headlight modulator
    9. Tail light modulator
    10. Crankcase and Valve covers powder coated in silver
    11. Gel battery
    12. Heli-Bars....gotta love these !
    13. Other stuff I have probably forgotten

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    I've seen pictures of Gary's bike. It's simply beautiful.
    Dave Swider
    Marin County, CA

    Some bikes. Some with motors, some without.

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    Well I started with a new 04 R1150GS Adventure (Silver) in December. Before I left Ride West I had added:
    Touratech 41 Liter Panniers
    Touratech Keyed Locks
    Touratech Exhaust Extension
    Touratech Small Flexible Tail Lights
    Touratech Steel Grill Headlight Cover
    Touratech Oil Cooler Protector
    Caliper Mounted Motolights

    Added in the following months:
    Touratech Sump-Guard Extension (mounted on center stand)
    Touratech Steering Stop Protector
    MotoComm FSR/Music Communications System
    Sheep Skin Butt Pad (Silver/Grey)

    Still to come:
    Richs Custom Seat
    Taller Wind Screen (Type TBD)
    Touratech 33 Liter Top-Case
    Ohlins Front & Rear

    I guess that is about it.

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    '04 GS

    Sargent Seat
    Aeroflow windscreen
    Jesse side bags & top box

    Not much really, but all very functional stuff.

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    Talking Well, at my church

    we believe modifications are of the devil. Fer instance you got all them men becoming women and what not - that my friends is where the slippery slope of modifications can take you.
    One minute you are installing an Uncle Remus exhaust extender valve cover nodule and the next you are signing up for a gender change or something.
    Stock rocks.
    When I find myself asking WWJDrive, I know in my heart of hearts (by the burning in my bosom) that He would modify not.
    Don't winterize; Rounderize!

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    I think the heat's cooking your noodle there, Cliffy.
    Dave Swider
    Marin County, CA

    Some bikes. Some with motors, some without.

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