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Thread: Why do you ride?

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    Therapeutical is the best way I can describe why I LOVE to ride...."free your mind".

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    isola di specchio
    beats walking.

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    Chicks dig bikes!
    Mike Davis
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    Why doesn't everyone ride?
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    Its a good thing that everyone doesn't ride, because too many people can't handle walking upright or driving a car.

    For me? I ride because riding moves my soul. Driving a car simply moves my body.

    When I'm riding my soul "flys".

    That could be on the twisty back roads, a mountain pass, a dirt bike single track, sliding out of a turn with the rear tire spinning for traction on my ice bike. They all move my soul, and I am better for it.
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    Yeah, some folks still think it's a hobby. If that's their
    perception or their reality so be's not ours.

    We fit the 80/20 rule generally for anything requiring leaving the property. 80% of the time we are on the bikes for travels, commuting, shopping, general errands and for sure the pleasure of being out in the elements.
    The only time we are not on the bikes is if I need to haul something really heavy/big with the Turbo diesel or Helen doesn't want helmet hair at some social function with non -riders .

    It's rare that weather here affects riding...unless it's the once every two seasons ice storm and I am not going anywhere anyways. BTDT with working for the power company.

    Riding is just what we do...
    Steve Henson
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    Because my tilt-o-meter demands it.
    Ride Safe, Ride Lots

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    'I ride there for I am.' Some ancient biker philosopher. Kinda my way of thinkin.

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    All the above:)

    Live to ride, ride to live...OR...Ride to work, work to ride. Stolen from Aerostitch, but its accurate enough, all my life, anywhere anytime, 2 wheels, Randy

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    Quote Originally Posted by tsperez View Post
    Let me hear your reason for riding motorcycles.
    Because I feel really silly following Voni around on her bike, driving the car.
    Paul Glaves - "Big Bend", Texas U.S.A
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    Because I'm still six feet over...

    I'd considered giving it up after nine heart surgeries and early retirement, but it still is my favorite form of fully clothed recreation.

    Interesting word...recreation. The root being 'recreate'. I get a sense of renewal every time I have an opportunity to go on a real ride.

    That's my opinion and I'm sure as hell stickin' to it!

    Bill Johnston

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    Cool My Brother

    My brother rode a Norton back in the 50's; he was probably the coolest dude I knew. So, I wanted to be just like him so I began in the 60's and he and I are still the coolest dudes I know.
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    I've had bikes around for most of my life. If I didn't ride them, they would collect dust.

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    It is fun. Period. If it was not, I would not do it.

    Flying is fun too, but I cannot justify the cost at this point in life.
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    I ride for the smells...riding past the farm right up the road in the spring..the ozone in the air right before a mid-summer rain...decaying leaves in fall...and I like the pockets of temperature change that you pass through...a little bit of cool air as you pass over a bridge on a hot summer night...or when you finally emerge from the tree cover or the sun comes over a ridge at 6:00AM and the sun hits you...I ride for the feel of being leaned over in a corner...tarmac scraping the outer edge of your boot...gravity doing it's best to drag you down...and you defy it...I ride for exhiliration of a crossed up wheelie with the bike leaned over as you accellerate out of a turn...I ride for the comraderie of a fellow rider waving to you as you pass one another...1000 miles from home...and 100 miles from nowhere...when you haven't seen a car in an hour...I ride because I like old timers talking to me at country stores...I ride for the mechanical noise of a motorcycle...I ride for the physical challenge...I ride for the mental challenge...I ride to explore the road less travelled...I ride because there's nothing else like it...I ride because it's all I've ever wanted to do since I saw my first motorcycle...I ride.

    I'm just not sure why everyone doesn't.

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