This morning was clear and held the promise of little or no rain.

Time to go for a ride.

I wound my way through the hills and over to California 1. The
Cabrillo Highway.

Here's a shot looking East from the intersection of Highway 92
and 35.

Rode down through Half Moon Bay and headed North. For some
reason, lots of traffic today. Don't these people work? North
takes you through the towns of El Granada, Moss Beach and
Montara before arriving in Pacifica. Along the coast, man has little
say in how long anything built here will last. As I near Pacifica, I
ride along what's known as Devil's Slide. This section of road
frequently washes out leaving the locals inconvenienced by a
rather long detour from Montara to Pacifica. No stopping for a
photo today.

Finally, Pacifica. Home of the Fog Fair. I had the pleasure of
conversation with one of the local surfers on his way out. Of
course, he had a motorcycle and the conversation surrounded "dream" trips.
He to Mexico with his kids and I to Alaska.

Did a little sight seeing around the town.

Today was a little cold and I was surprised to see as many
surfers as there were.

Some of the West Coast's largest surf can be seen in this area.
Surfers from around the world head to Maverick's when the surf
is up.

Now I'm thinking it's time to start making my way home. I decide
on 84. It would take me through the towns of La Honda and
Skylonda (Alice's is in Skylonda). So South on 1.

A short stop at this most excellent spot for a picnic. Right now,
I'd settle for something hot. While the sun is out, it definitely has
no effect on my temp. Though I am wearing my 'stich and layers
underneath, I have the grips going full tilt and it's a tad cold.
Right about now, I think the electrics would have been a good

Another picnic spot is over here...

Sea foam and driftwood.

The ride up 84 was pleasant. It's been raining and a little
caution is a good idea. Often, a fair amount of dirt and
gravel are washed off the hillsides onto the road.

All day, the roads have been dry. The exception is a short section
of 84 between the grocery store and just past of La Honda is wet. Almost as if it had been raining.

Along the way, I saw numerous motorcycles. A GS at Skylonda,
a pair headed out the beach on 84 (F650 and a brick), sport
bikes and handful of Harley's.

It was a great day for a ride.