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What are you drinking tonight?

Stout weather

As of Wednesday, stout weather has returned.
I think I've mentioned I am quite partial to Rogue Ale's Shakespeare Stout.


Here's a pic. Wrong glass in my opinion but whatever, 'snot my photo.
It's yummy stuff, they also make a Mocha Porter and others.

Drink link
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Well not tonight but soon...Dubliner Honeycomb Whiskey.

I have a Dan Murphy's discount card and get it when I am on the Gold Coast in Australia. Not available in Canada, but it is in the US.

So smooth that the retired Sydney detective a few floors up in my condo and I polished off the bottle in just over an hour. Its only 30%. Went to school in Ireland but too young and they would not let me into any pubs.

Dubliner-Irish-Whiskey-Liqueur-700ml - SM.jpg
Nice! Resurrecting a thread form 2007! One that speaks to me. I'm on the same beer thread on ADV.

Lately I've been digging into my cellar a bit.

This was a 2012 that was one of our Beer Club's early offerings. It is still a lovely beer and I'm glad I have 4 or 5 left.