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Uploading pics in MarketPlace


I've posted ads before in the MarketPlace, with pics, but tonight I don't seem to be able to upload any jpg photos (2-3mb each) in a MarketPlace listing. I click browse, select the photo, and it spins like it's uploading but the pic never shows up in the edit secreen for the ad nor the ad itself.

What am I doing wrong??

Can you try another device?

I’ve been doing this from a Win11 laptop. I’m beginning to suspect the photos, which were converted to jpeg since they were taken in HEIC and I don’t think the Marketplace software can work with those. I can try it from iPad but will have to redo the conversions to try that.

Fixed. Apparently, Micro$oft’s free tool for converting HEIC to JPG results in a corrupted file if the pic is subsequently downsized. Or at least, that’s been my experience tonight using Win11 on a new Dell XPS. Converted pics to jpeg on the iPad then downsized them on the XPS and they uploaded just fine. Go figure…