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how to reply to replies about my listing in the Marketplace?


Ran Bush
Awhile ago Kurt said, "The Marketplace is a different software package than the forum."

With that in mind, does anyone here know how to respond to listing replies in the Marketplace software? I recently saw a notification _on the listing_ that somebody had contacted me about the listing, but I never got an email from it. As a test, I sent myself an email about the listing, and that email showed right up. So the attached JPG shows an indication of two replies, mine and somebody else.

Last week I spoke with a nice guy (Ray?) on the MOA Membership team, and he said the same thing that Kurt did, and that he has been asked about this before.

Anybody here have any ideas, or how to escalate the question? I'd sure like to reply to the person that was asking about my listing.


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OM -

I found Ran's ad and made a contract through the ad. I had to supply my email address. He contacted me earlier and said he got my enquiry through the Marketplace app. So, it seems it works and he knows where to find things if they show up. So beyond that, I'm not sure what else to do. :dunno