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The Mini Rally

Very impressive Rally advertising Jerry! This Mini Rally certainly ranks top tier as one of the longest running affairs within the MOA offerings.

And it's on my list to attend ASAP; wishing all a great time this year at the new location.

"travel'n" john
Is it in the works for 2023 ?

The 50th MI Mini Rally by the Club.
We're less than 90 days from the "usual" date in early May.
Haven't seen it advertised, will it be held this year?
... Also now listed on Club's Facebook


The mini rally is listed on the MOA Events Calendar, but I didn't see it on the Battle Creek BMW club calendar.

MOA shows the dates 5/5/2023 » 5/7/2023 for the rally, Delton MI



Richard in Commerce Township, MI.

Thanks Richard, for the info.
Though there's no opportunity for registration as of yet, good to learn this 50th Club Rally will be held.
It's on the ride calendar of a few of us, that are attempting to make as many of these special celebration's as possible.
This will be just the 5th MOA Charter Club... that has the history to hold a 50th Rally!
And there's only one other Club that qualifies during 2023, so somewhat rare occasions.
It's a short list of club rallies that I haven't been too... and this is one of them.
See you there!