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The F-Twin Index

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Omega Man

Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat
Staff member
Welcome to the F-Twin index. While the F-Twins have been around for a while, the threads that would comprise an index here in the F-Twin Forum are scattered around. This index will be sorta done like the one we have running in the Wethead section. In the coming months I will wander back to the beginning and as I pick up on relevant threads, I will index them here. If you happen to see a thread that would add to this index, please contact a Moderator and suggest an addition.
If you have a thread or DIY that you would like to post, and you need help, just ask- we will get you going.
This will be a "work in progress" with the updates noted in the edit box.
Enjoy, Gary

The care and maintenance of chains and sprockets including lubrication, replacement and replacement sources.

Creature comforts including windshields, grips, foot pegs, mirrors, handlebar risers and seats.
Maintenance items including oils, filters, batteries and DIY procedures and references.
F900XR air filter replacement-
GlobeRiders Instructional DVD on F-Twin maintenance-

Luggage, Extra Fule Solutions, Tank Bags and related.

A direct link to the F-Twin Tech sub-forum

Suspension modifications and related.

The F800GS is designated K72 by BMW Wikipedia history here- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BMW_F_series_parallel-twin
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