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Repurposing street bikes


not so retired
Staff member
Been building a dual sport scrambler for H using her 95 Roadster 1100. She has a 650 GS thumper she uses to commute and when we hit the gravel backroads, but always liked the scrambler look and saw a converted R1100. I am so close to rolling it off the lift having sourced the final hard to find bits. It will be a lot of fun in Arkansas.




Our new place in Western Arkansas puts us on a lot of backroads and gravel, so looking forward to a lot of exploring. We will be on a sliver between the Ouchita and Ozark National Forest boundaries. We took our KTM Duke thumpers down a few recently and laughed afterwards of how the street tires performed… or didn’t.



I was up there a few weeks ago after a huge rain event and went exploring on tires that were due to be changed soon and had several interesting moments to say the least and right before turning up our hill managed to put myself in the ditch in slow motion sliding around a curve trying to avoid water filled potholes and no bite of tires… and rusty skills as well as taking eyes off desired path:lol. My GSA may have faired better.
Anyways, putting a set of dual sport tires on to see how the Duke will behave the next trip. H’s bike will be next.I wish the ABS could be deactivated like both my GSA and her 1100, but will see.

A little different shoe for sure, lol The bike is in Arkansas and my tire machine still here so on the bike pics later.



The pics are giving me fits on the phone but you get the idea
All looks good Steve. :thumb
Hope relocation goes well.

Coming along but getting to point of not being in same place as needed items :banghead :lol

Should be a lot of fun in that area for sure. Hope she enjoys your hard work.

She’s finally seeing the nearly finished product and very happy… and ready! We only thought we’ve ridden every road there the last fifteen years….not even close :thumb