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R1200S Hyper-Lites Install Help.

The round diagnostic plug has a switched source, recalling green w/ yellow stripe, but not positive. Have used it on many low draw relays or lights. A check with a voltmeter will verify
Up front for info would be the parking light bulb in headlight

On our R12S, only bike we do not have HyperLites on, I went with Kissan ground interrupted flasher for tailight.
Either way you can access all the wiring needed removing the taillight unit and hide the little relay there as well

And threads often drift, just only after some answers come... however, we are in new territory and folks are wandering


I believe mine is just green. Key off 0, key on 12.8v I'll use that if I can't find another one.

I believe mine is just green. Key off 0, key on 12.8v I'll use that if I can't find another one.


Not many choices, another is the accessory outlet... however it stays on for a few seconds after key-off.
If you haven’t already, post a pic of your S in the thread near top of section. Not many of us!
Installed hyper-lights on old airhead this winter. Had to call hyper-lights to clarify instructions. Had a nice chat with the owner about wire colors. Although I found the keyed power to the always on the tail light and the stop light wire, I asked anywho. I got the non-flasher type because our state said no flashing. However, they seem to vibrate a little when applied which may be better. The KRS has the flashers. So yeah, we talked about the laws, the virus was not on radar yet.
Hyper-Lites Install (U32 Universal Kit) on the 2009 K1300s

Turns out there's NOT a YouTube video for everything! Trying to find switched power on my '09 K1300s for Hyper-Lites (U32 Kit) install. However, I was able to find enough info on a K1600 forum and an article by Leo Stemp Installing Accessory Rear Lighting on the K1200s\K1300s on the Pirateslair.net


Several helpful threads here, too, but none on the K1300s so I thought I upload some photos (resized) of my wiring install;