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Post a picture of your Oilhead

Good swell on the other day, they were rolling right over where I was stopped.

...since we are back to posting on this thread [I have been resisting the urge since I don't want to be the only one] here's a shot of Rolf at the North Cape Lighthouse from my trip last month, the most northeast point of my travels yet, North Cape, PEI, CAN. :bikes

Volley for serve...

This thread keeps popping up so I will keep adding pics.:ha

Dude, your bike looks great, I think the fixes... err, updates... look great, especially the painted head covers, bravo.

Here's mine sitting in the exotic super blue moonlight as I gassed across Northern ME on the same trip as above. Was hoping MOA news might even consider printing this pic, but while they thanked me for submitting it, no publish-issimo. :violin

Hopefully someone here likes. ;)

[Update, this pic was published in the Nov. issue of MOA News :brad

Pretty exciting for this guy.

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Looks very clean. Did you trailer it to Crater Lake? :laugh

She is a beauty.

A gorgeous blue and whatever happened to silver colored engine, transmission, swingarm and final drive castings. Silver looks so much better than black. I hate black; you could never sell me a black car or a motorcycle.
Just picked this up,I like them so muchI bought this is as backup. I’ve not seen this color before. It,s a 96. The color code is not legible. Thoughts, not red or orange, copper colored. Just saw a newish Toyota Tacoma with a good match.


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