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My new R18 Bagger

Glad you are liking this bike. I test drove one 2 weeks ago and will be trading my R 1200 RT on a new 2023 in early Dec. I have been doing the 1foot or 2 two dance on BMW since 1978. As I'm getting older I no longer feel comfortable doing that. I use to have a 30" seam and I guess I'm shrinking :) On the test ride, it took me a while to put both feet down, more out of habit and riding a big new bike, but once I did I was hooked. Bike is a blast to ride, I do not find the weight an issue once I got the bike off of the side stand the first time. Best stock seat I have sat on, and on the highway no issue with helmet buffiting. The TFT is visible in any light unlike my RT which is useless in bright sun. Gauges seemed spot on and the bike was smoother than I thought it would. My only trouble was with the Heel/toe shifter. I have never used one in 51 years of riding and I believe the adjustment was not good for me. It does look like they are adjustable. A friend of mine who is BMW/HD rider told me he alway removes the Heel shifter on his harleys so that may be an option. I will have to do some more info on that. The fancy cruise control worked as advertised and a must on any R18B I purchase. I guess this is enough rambling for now.

My understanding is the heel/tow shifter is adjustable. If in the end you don’t like it and replace it then want to sell it let me know please. Someone on the forum said to put your left leg against the tank the, I think, turn the handlebar all the way to the right then she should lift off side stand with ease.
Thank you