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Stupidest R1250RT TFT Navigation Stability Hack You'll Ever See...?


Iron Butt Patriot
Yup, this is the stupidest TFT navigation system stability hack you are likely to see... but it is working for me!

Like so many of us I have been struggling with the inexcusable and (for some) continuing connectivity and stability issues surrounding the 2021 and up R1250RT's phone-to-TFT system.

With the latest Motorrad Connected app version (5.2.0) running on a new iPhone 15 Pro (iOS 17.4.1), things have seemed to be quite a bit better. At least in my garage while compulsively checking the app's willingness to connect to the TFT using both the necessary Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity channels. Problem was, out on the road the setup was still prone to random disconnections.

As many of us here know all too well, ever since the iPhone 14's proudly protruding camera lens design change, the iPhones do not fit well in the inductive charging compartment on the '21 and up RT's. I am admittedly lazy and do not want to take the (slim profile) protective cover off of my phone before each ride, and have accepted the use of a USB charging cable while riding with the phone sitting at a bit of an angle.

My "AHA" moment: without the phone being locked into its intended place within the compartment, it might be making unwanted contact with the edge of the forward USB-A port, or with the charging cable itself. This contact triggers the touch-sensitive screen and "tricks" the phone into disrupting the Map Mode connection. Makes sense, sort of?

I made a barrier sheet to slide over the top of my phone to prevent this undesirable contact. I used a piece of 0.5 mm/0.020 in. plastic shim stock, cut slightly larger than the phone in its case. When embarking on a ride I connect the phone to the charging cable, activate the Connected app, place my protective device on top of the phone then slide the dang thing into place in the compartment. Stupid... wicked stupid.

So far, on two test rides, I have enjoyed flawless connectivity and functionality -- at least as much as has been designed and engineered into this woe begotten excuse for Modern Technology -- with no disconnections. System even reconnects Map Mode as it is supposed to after a gas stop without my needing to diddle with the freaking phone, an inconsistent functionality that has been hard to depend on. But at first flush this stupidest of all hacks seems to be solving my problem... if in fact my identification of the "problem" was in fact correct! ;-)

I am wearing my Nomex suiting today, so have at the critique if you must (I am occasionally accused of *whining* about the TFT frustrations.) But I am buoyed by the apparent success of this hack and thus offer it to our community of fellow travelers and sufferers. YMMV.


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Not that I use the TFT for navigation or have an RT, I am glad you found a solution to your problem. I have the same phone and when it rains it becomes the honey-badger and does what wants.. :bluduh Unwanted contact on the touchscreen is best avoided. This goes for the GPS as well btw..