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Mounting the Valentine 1 radar detector and powering it


Hi all,

I have a V1 radar detector that I want to now mount on my motorcycle, an R1250 GSA,

but for any type of radar detector, has anyone got a particularly effective mount from the bars or elsewhere (the V1s have rear-facing detection too, so it needs to be more lateral on the bike to allow this) - but not something that cost another $200 or so?

and what about connecting the powerline to the bike? the V1 has a funky RJ11 connector for power, so are people just getting out the soldering gun . . . or what?

lastly . . . out of interest, has anyone ever mounted a detector laterally on the side of their helmet? over the ear so to speak?


One of the threads in the Similar Threads pane below is about mounting a detector on a '17 GSA. Might be something worth checking out.
Mounting a Valentine V1 radar detector

Thanks to everyone, and drneo66 - thanks for the links, and appreciate the video enzo500,

I have to ask as I've seen it mentioned often, do you folks in the US get bothered by the police much, for having a detector? Just having it? (obviously assuming that it's legal in the state . . . )

Police in Canada haven't bothered me in the car/truck really, just for having it on,

I have been using radar detectors since 85. I had V1 since 2004 and the newer V1 one since 4/21. I have been putting it in my tank-bag since 86. With the V1 you have the conceal display you can use for visual and audio. With instant on, you hope LEO shot someone else or you see can them before they press the button. I like the security of the tank bag when you go inside the restroom at your gas stop, or when you do get stop LEO doesn’t see it and gives you a warning. Only one ticket with the V1 since 2004. Ok I’m going to get a ticket now!
I had my V1 mounted on a RAM mount on the handlebars of my G310. It died on me so I sent it in. The repair guy called and said it must have been on a motorcycle because one of the connections broke from vibration. I got it back and being a little bit of a slow learner I put it back and used it till it broke again.

So try to be sure to mount it where it will be somewhat protected from vibration. I never had a problem with it on my K75s, F650s, or R1100R mounted the same way on the handlebars, but .....
I've been running a V1 for nine years and for the past four on a 2017 R12GSA. Since 1985 I've had 12 roadside conversations with a LEO; these conversations resulted in zero performance awards. In the years since I began using a V1 I was pulled over once. It was by what I believe must be the best LEO in the nation when it comes to dealing with people. I was clocked by an airplane in Nebraska and the trooper confirmed the speed with well used instant on radar. Had this trooper written me up, which I richly deserved, I still might have invited him to my home for Christmas dinner. The bottomline is a radar detector is only a hedge against a speeding ticket. If the operator is well trained and conscientious in the use of an instant-on radar, or laser then your detector is only a "stand-by for a ticket" device.

Here is how I mount my V1 on my GSA:

It is mounted on a RAM magnetic plate that is attached to home fabricated aluminum mount.



The mount is made from sheet aluminum purchased at a Lowe's and attached using an extra long screw in an existing hole and a nylon spacer. The small bungee is used to reduce the killer vibrations that Paul's V1 succumbed to.

This is with the V1 mounted:



Mounted in this position the V1 is of no value in detecting laser, but I have never encountered laser in my travels around the country. I run it with an ABS cover that I made. The cover offers a bit of disguise from a casual observer, as well as, a bit of protection from rain.



I control and monitor the V1 using a Concealed Display, a Remote Audio Adapter and a Marc Parnes remote LED alert, which are all mounted on a fabricated sun shield for my NAV VI.

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