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Mid-South ride, eat, and meet

I'm meeting up with my Beale St. bud Larry Schally tonight about 7:00. Erik Hughes is playing at Alfreds on Beale. He will be joined by the legendary Leo Goff on bass. The greatest bassist on Beale. Leo of BMW engine building fame. Can't wait to get there.:dance:drink
Made it to Beale Street last Wendesday. Had a beer with Larry at our spot. The street was pretty well packed with bikes. Larry took off for Joe's Crab Shack, the other big bike nite meeting place. I went down to Alfred's to listen to Eric Hughe's band with the legendary Leo Goff on bass. Back 20 years ago Leo and I were on the same vintage car racing team. I had some paperwork from our race at Watkins Glen in '92. Hard to believe it's been 20 years. The band was excellent. Bikes on Beale every Wendesday nite.
I missed the monthly Old Bike Club meeting at Sidecar Cafe. Just to tired from working on my garage. They meet the 1 st Thr. of every month at Side Car Cafe. Check their web site to comfirm this. Hopefully if every thing go's well I'll be bringing home my '84 R100 police bike tomorrow. .
Fixin to head over Tennessee, head up 51 highway north. Going to Old Millington Winery. Meeting up with a buddy of mine, Ron Wigginton. I'm taking the R100RS and I'm ready for a ride, then sharing a bottle of Delta Blush. That is if I can get over Wolf River and the Loosahatchie River. Record river depth on the Mississippi River in my life time.
Didn't make it. Highway 51 closed at Watkins av. All the rivers are backed up off the Miss. River. Was running late anyway. Ron made it to the Winery by zigg-zagging around the low spots . He said he made a lot of u turns, but made it. Went over to Side car Cafe and ran into some of the BMW Rams. Ron and I later hooked up at Barbi's in Memphis. I then called it a night and rode home.
Moved my R90 out of the shed and into the garage, up and on the lift. it's a milestone. I'm back in bidness. Hope to make it over to Beale St. for Bikes on Beale. Beale St. is flooded at Riverside Dr. down by the river, will go east down Crump Blvd. and go north up Main St. to my spot on Beale. I know the river flooding is all the news, but Bike Nite is here, I'm home and I'm going.
I've mentioned my buddy Ron in a previous post. We are looking seriously at doing some BMW motorcycle engine work. Ron is a very unique person. He is a 40 year machinist /tool and die journeyman. He has many years in jobshops all over Memphis. I've had the oppurtunity to work with him at several of those machine shops. He was probably the best machinest I've ever had a chance to work with. During all those years, he worked on many automotive and motorcycle projects, building some of the most complex devises and components, I've ever seen. This for a varity of different people with car and motorcycles custom jobs. At the moment he is working downtown in Memphis at a automotive shop building a variety of engines and doing extensive head work on street and racing engines. He has just purchased his first BMW R90 and is the process of getting it running and ridable. I was a 25 year journeyman machist and also have 10 years of experience doing BMW motorcycle heads along with BMW cars, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, Rover, etc.. Any way we are going to have some fun doing some head work on our bikes and building some nice custom pieces and bling for our bikes.
I'm gettin ready to head to bike nite on Beale St. In down town Memphis. I'll be in my usual spot in front of Superior BBQ out on the patio side walk. Later I'll move up the street and listen to the legendary Leo Goff, bassist extraordinaire, playing with the Eric Hughes Band.
Got a late start ridng over to Beale St. Got my usual spot sitting in front of Superior BBQ. The street was packed with bikes and people and music was great. Saw my first K1600GTL as it was parked almost in front of me. Walked over and looked it over, very impressive. The owner came back and I thought I would invite him to sit down, but he was having so many people ask about his bike I never got the chance. Went down to Alfred's and caught Leo's band during their last set. Went back to Superior BBQ and my buddies from the BMW RAMS and the Old Bike Club had our spot covered. Had a good time hangin with them, their all good folks. They wanted to ride down and see the Mississippi River at flood stage. I got seperated from them, so I just rode on home.
If all goes well I'll be able to ride over to the Natural State Rally just outaide of Morrilton, Ar. on the Arkansas River this weekend. I think it's Lock and Dam #9 off Highway 9 at Sequoah Campground and Park. Will ride over and spend the day. Nice rally. I'm a charter member and past president of the Naturally Beemers. I havn't been as active with the club for several years. I blame it on my being constantly on the road due to my job. Well hopefully I can make up for some of it Sat. I also havn't been on any kind of ride this year, maybe a little road trip will put me in a better frame of mine. If your looking for a nice ride this could be it. Beautiful Petit Jean Mountain is the back drop to this rally.
Rode over and back yesterday. Felt good to be on as little road trip. Stopped after 5 miles at the I-40 welcome center in West Memphis due to it being cold, overcast, windy; layered up with another longsleeve T, sweatshirt, and winter gloves. I-40 between W. Memphis and N. Little Rock as everone knows is one of the most boring rides in the ol US of A. I've heard it a million times and I've ridden it a million times. I didn't care it was good to be on the rode on my bike. Road into the campground about noon and it was 6 hours of hard good ol fashion BMW motorcyclist family reunion. I've missed the last few of the Naturally Beemers rallies and other meetings and campouts. And when I did show up it was in a four wheeler. I took my share of ribbing over it. I believe there were about 75 in attendence. 6 o'clock came to fast, I was having such a big time. Just at dark, I was heading home. Right at 400 miles of riding and 6 hours of BMW comraderie was just what I needed. Hopefully next year I'm also camping.
Hey Barry...that was a good tune up ride for you. Now ride that thing on down to see us at the Chicken Rally in couple weeks! :usa
Thx, Vance; nothing would make me happier. At the Ark. rally was just sittin minding my own bidness. All of a sudden seemed like all the attention was on me and was gettin my picture takin by a couple of camera's. Really kinda perked up and I felt important. Really all the attention was on my black biker vest. I had it dolled up with a bunch Naturally Beemer batches and pins and other Beemer swag. The past president pin really got their attention. The funny part is over half the club members are past presidents. For a moment though, I was a cross between Nate Kern and Brad Pitt. I was a star. :groovy
Was going to deliver some tents to my bud, Marshall to look at. I think he needs one for the Chicken Rally and was going to deliver some old airhead brake master cylinders to my bud Ron. We're looking into resleeving them with stainless inserts. But the President is in downtown Memphis today. Gotta wait till he departs, no getting thru till he leaves.
Had a good day out in my shop, neat to be able to do something out there. Still needed more room, So I pulled the police bike and started stripping some of the police accessories off. Off came the front, then the rear crash crash bars. Then the bags and the bag mounts. Took off the radio box and alot of the extra electrical stuff. The bike started out as a RT, but the fairing was already gone, so off came the fairing mounts. It really thins the bike down in size and weight. Probably 30 lbs. Will make it much easier to move around in and out of garage. The bike really looks in sad shape now, but will be a nice bike for me to restore in the future. I, allways see the potential of the bike.
I've been looking at Kbasa's aka David Swiders '84 R100CS rebuild site. It's very similar to my '84 R100 police bike. I've got the twin disc/rear drum setup. One thing I found on dissasembly was that I had the top handle bar clamp that was cut out(notched) for a BMW windshield set. Good for me. I've got a few of those windshields and most of the time when I buy them used, that part doesn't come with the windshield. Not easy to find and kinda hard to make. I have taken the top clamp and machined it down and installed the top stud. Good to be a machinist as I am. Can' wait to to pull the heads and see the condition of the heads and cylinders. I've never had a big valve head BMW airhead. Back in another life, I specialized in reconditioning BMW motorcycle heads and cylinders. I also specialized in BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, Rover, and others. Any way, I can't get to involved with that bike now, I've got a couple of other airheads ahead of it.
I'm getting to be more forgetful than normal. I have had a big valve BMW. I had a '81 R100RT. Nice bike and the only BMW I bought and sold. Wish I was on the road to the Chicken Rally. Maybe tomorrow, still a possibility.
Sunday Ride and Eat

Ain't going to be able to do the ride to the Chicken Rally. Gotta Sunday ride and eat going on. Just gotta e-mail from Bob Osbourne, the Old Bike Club has a ride this Sunday. They will be meeting at Circle K at Summer and Whitten in Memphis. 10:00 start and ride to Atoka, Tn. and have lunch at Casa Mexicana restauraunt. I guess that is my run for the weekend. Any one want to join me for the ride, give me a call. 901 233 7913. I'll just be leaving the house and just joining them at the restaurant.
Hey Barry,

I am in Memphis. If you want to ride sometime just give me a holler. I met several of the Memphis Ram guys at the European Rider rally last weekend and a couple more while at the Chicken Rally this weekend.
10-4 Lee. Would be glad to ride with you. I'm in and out of the area all the time., as I travel for a living. When I'm in town and when it's possible I ride to Beale St. on Wendesday nite. Bikes on Beale. I uaually park in front of Superior BBQ and sit in front on the side walk patio. I also walk down to Alfred's and listen to my buddy Leo Goff, bassist for the Eric Hughes Band. This week the Old Bike club is having their monthly meeting at Bubba's Ale House and grill at 7041 Hwy 64 between Summer and Appling Av. I think 64 Highway is also Stage Road. This club kinda promotes riding older bikes, but there is no officers or dues and they really don't care what you ride.I think Thursday nite is the nite. Usually about 5:30pm. Everyone is friendly and will be happy you come. I'm usually riding a white '94 R1100RS. I don't consider this thread as mine, it's for any one who wants to text about BMW's, bikes, rides etc. in the Mid South Area. Look forward to meeting and riding with you. PS, I'm also a member of the Rams. Check out their web site. Feel free to call me or post on this site. Barry